Vaccine Safety Evidence - June 26, 2021

Vaccine Safety Evidence - June 26, 2021

Assembled by Steve Kirsch with help from Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA vaccine)

Executive Summary

The cost-benefit analysis for anyone is at best a wash according to the scientific literature (new paper published June 24, 2021). This peer-reviewed paper looked at the real cost-benefit analysis and concluded that “This lack of clear benefit should cause governments to rethink their vaccination policy.”

Even worse, the case numbers in the UK now show that the world should have listened to the arguments of Geert Vanden Bossche, one of the most famous scientists in the vaccine field, which are further clarified in this excellent video by Chris Martenson which points out that there are really only two ways out of the pandemic: a sterilizing vaccine (using the complete virus as the antigen) or allowing infection and treating with early treatment leading to natural immunity.

The Yellow Card system in the UK showed a similar safety signal. Independent analysis of that data by an expert in medical evidence concluded that the vaccines are unsafe for use in humans. It wasn’t a close call. The death rates from the vaccines are far greater than any absolute risk reduction.

The French don’t think any of the 4 major vaccines are safe either.

It is now well established in the peer reviewed literature that the spike protein is toxic. The vaccines cause the spike protein to be manufactured for up to 48 hours in all parts of the body including the brain thanks to the efficient delivery mechanism of the lipid nanoparticles and PEG. The spike proteins produced in these cells do not remain anchored as designed; they also break off the cell and become “free spike” which is even more dangerous since it can circulate in the blood. The net result is inflammation and micro-clotting inside all organs (including the brain) throughout the body as well as temporary opening of the blood brain barrier (which explains the severe migraine headaches). This explains the wide range of neurological systems after injection.

The mechanism of action is confirmed by the adverse event reports. The VAERS database shows that over 6,000 people have possible vaccine-related deaths as well as over 300,000 SARs that are consistent with the mechanism of action. If we remove 500 “background deaths” in the VAERS system each year, we are left with over 5,500 “excess deaths” that are coincident with the vaccine rollout. The safety signals have been flashing “red” since January in VAERS, but nobody was paying attention (except for a few users on Twitter who were being ignored). This is a HUGE number of excess deaths and SARs. So the question for the CDC is “OK, if the vaccine did not kill these people, then what did?”

This is not caused by excess reporting since doctors are less likely to make VAERS reports for the “safe” vaccine because nobody wants to create vaccine hesitancy. Doctors (such as Dr. Hoffe) have been fired for filing adverse event reports and speaking out. Anyone who speculates this is simply excess reporting of “normal deaths” has the burden of proof since excess deaths that are proximate to the injection date are assumed by default to be vaccine related. Nobody has met the burden (or even attempted to). If anything, it is much harder to get into the VAERS database due to staffing problems as this commenter relates, “He called into VAERS for some of the adverse events his patients had and was put on hold for 30 minutes each time.” What doctor has time for that?

Even the WHO called for the vaccines not to be used in children, but political pressure forced them to recant just 48 hours later.

Evaluation of individual VAERS records show the cause of death is consistent with the mechanism of action of the vaccine and have no other explanation, e.g., a healthy 20 year old who dies in his sleep less than 24 hours after vaccination. Half of the deaths reported are within 72 hours of vaccination. This can’t be explained by reporting bias since the CMS data backs up the claim that the vaccines are killing people. Through multiple methods (including comparing with a CMS query of the same data), we show that the 5,500 deaths are under-reported by at least a factor of 5X, giving approximately 30,000 deaths so far.

Historically, the stopping condition for a vaccine is 25-50 deaths. But there is no stopping condition for this vaccine in the US or UK. The CDC claims nobody has died from the vaccine, but has produced no analysis showing this to be the case. They don’t even have the staff to investigate 6,000 death reports. They never even tried to hire the needed staff.

The required toxicology studies were never done. We have no idea on the reproductive tox. A LTE submitted to the NEJM pointed out that based on the data to date there is >82% spontaneous abortion rate at <20 weeks. We don’t know what the true number is because the data isn’t available to anyone. Thus, we are telling pregnant women to get vaccinated even before we have any of the safety data. This is appalling. It is backwards. We are injecting first, doing safety studies later. What is this doing to the reproductive system of our kids? We don’t know.

The cost-benefit analysis for children is non-existent; it is 1 to 2 lives per 1,000,000 assuming the vaccine is safe. But the vaccine isn’t safe. It has already killed at least one child who died after getting myocarditis already and that story was censored by social media. More importantly, the chance of permanent disability is quite high. Consider the case of 12-year old Maddie de Garay who is now permanently paralyzed, cannot walk and must eat via a feeding tube. She was part of the Pfizer clinical trial for 12-15 year olds which reported her result as “abdominal pain.” This trial had only 2,200 participants. This suggests that the rate of disability even for kids is on the order of 1 in 2,000. So that means the vaccine has the potential to disable 500 previously healthy kids for every life saved. Is it worth it, especially when safer alternatives are available? Shouldn’t we do a larger trial to find out the true number before we do a mass rollout to kids? Of course we should. But we aren’t. We are doing everything backwards, experimenting first, and looking at the data after the experiment. This is the biggest unregulated unaccountable medical experiment in the history of mankind.

The phase 3 studies simply do not match the reality. There are reports of “missing SAE data'' in other clinical trials as well (not just Maddie’s trial). This explains why the Phase 3 trials can make it appear as if the vaccines are safe when in fact they are not.

There is no transparency of the data like there would be in a normal trial. The V-SAFE database is kept out of sight and the CDC only releases selected snippets that they determine are of interest. VAERS records, which are publicly accessible, are removed without reason.

There is no informed consent. Nobody is notified of the potential large number of deaths. Kids in in the Pfizer Phase 3 trials were never informed that they could die or be disabled. Nobody is informed of the alternative of natural infection and early treatment. The NIH stonewalls on recognizing ivermectin as a safe and effective treatment, even after publication of a peer-reviewed systematic review, the highest level of evidence in evidence-based medicine (EBM).

Censorship keeps these events from public view. Facebook has removed groups of over 200,000 people discussing vaccine side effects. If the vaccine was safe, that group would have nothing to talk about and there would be no reason to remove it.

It is time to call a halt to these dangerous vaccines immediately. Vaccination should not be mandatory for any students at any university worldwide. In fact, they cannot be justified even for the highest risk patients due to the safety profile compared with the better alternative of early treatment.

Allowing people to be naturally infected and treated with early treatment protocols using repurposed drugs can reduce the relative risk by >100 (far better than any vaccine) with virtually no chance of death or disability. The natural immunity is more robust against variants and is the better path to eliminating the virus than a non-sterilizing vaccine. These early treatment protocols have been unethically kept from public view by Cliff Lane. There is no clearer case of this than ivermectin where even after a peer-reviewed systematic review, the NIH guidelines are still neutral. This is a deliberate violation of the precautionary principle and the rules of evidence based medicine.

We are not anti-vax. The Novavax vaccine appears to have a much better safety profile, comparable to other vaccines. The antigen for these vaccines is pre-manufactured and there are no LNPs that would transport the spike protein into unwanted areas.

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