About the Data Science Association

Together, we can shape a better future using data science!

The Data Science Association is a non-profit professional group that offers education, professional certification, a "Data Science Code of Professional Conduct" and conferences / meetups to discuss data science (e.g. predictive / prescriptive analytics, algorithm design and execution, applied machine learning, statistical modeling, and data visualization). Our members are professionals, students, researchers, academics and others with a deep interest in data science and related technologies.

Mission & Principles Mission

To promote data science to improve life, business and government.

Our guiding principles set the aspirations that we endeavor to achieve:

  • Setting standards for the ethical professional practice of data science.
  • Assuring base-level data scientist competency.
  • Advancing data science to serve core values of the scientific method and noblesse oblige.
  • Helping to shape a better future - not just for the powerful, but for the majority of people.


  • Data Science Independent Auditing
  • Independent Expert Witness Services
  • Data Science / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Education
  • Algorithm Design and Execution
  • Developing Data Science Canons and the Scientific Method
  • Organizing Data Science Conferences