The MAIEI Learning Community Report

December, 2021


This is a labor of the Learning Community cohort that was convened by MAIEI in Winter 2021 to work through and discuss important research issues in the field of AI ethics from a multidisciplinary lens. The community came together supported by facilitators from the MAIEI staff to vigorously debate and explore the nuances of issues like bias, privacy, disinformation, accountability, and more especially examining them from the perspective of industry, civil society, academia, and government.

The outcome of these discussions is reflected in the report that you are reading now - an exploration of a variety of issues with deep-dive, critical commentary on what has been done, what worked and what didn't, and what remains to be done so that we can meaningfully move forward in addressing the societal challenges posed by the deployment of AI systems.

The chapters titled "Design and Techno-isolationism", "Facebook and the Digital Divide: Perspectives from Myanmar, Mexico, and India", "Future of Work", and "Media & Communications & Ethical Foresight" will hopefully provide with you novel lenses to explore this domain beyond the usual tropes that are covered in the domain of AI ethics.

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