Caffe - Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding 2016/02/05 - 11:09pm Academic Paper Caffe, Convolutional Architecture, Fast Feature Embedding
On the Importance of Initialization and Momentum in Deep Learning 2016/02/05 - 10:53pm Academic Paper Initialization, Momentum, Deep Learning
Tensor Decompositions for Learning Latent Variable Models 2016/02/05 - 10:52pm Academic Paper Tensor Decompositions, Learning Latent Variable Models, Latent Variable Models
Introduction to Data Analysis using Machine Learning 2016/02/05 - 10:29pm Video Data Analysis, Machine Learning
Future Directions of Machine Learning 2016/02/05 - 10:27pm Video Machine Learning
Future of Data Science 2016/02/05 - 10:24pm Video Future, Data Science
Data Science - Part XVIII - Big Data Fundamentals for Data Scientists 2016/02/05 - 10:23pm Video Data Science, Big Data Fundamentals
Data Science - Part XVII - Deep Learning & Image Processing 2016/02/05 - 10:22pm Video Data Science, Deep Learning, Image Processing
Data Science - Part XVI - Fourier Analysis 2016/02/05 - 10:20pm Video Data Science, Fourier Analysis
Data Science - Part XV - MARS, Logistic Regression, & Survival Analysis 2016/02/05 - 10:19pm Video Data Science, MARS, Logistic Regression, Survival Analysis
Data Science - Part XIV - Genetic Algorithms 2016/02/05 - 10:18pm Video Data Science, Genetic Algorithms
Data Science - Part XIII - Hidden Markov Models 2016/02/05 - 10:16pm Video Data Science, Hidden Markov Models
Data Science - Part XII - Ridge Regression, LASSO, and Elastic Nets 2016/02/05 - 10:15pm Video Data Science, Ridge Regression, LASSO, Elastic Nets
Data Science - Part XI - Text Analytics 2016/02/05 - 10:14pm Video Data Science, Text Analytics
Data Science - Part X - Time Series Forecasting 2016/02/05 - 10:13pm Video Data Science, Time Series Forecasting
Data Science - Part IX - Support Vector Machine 2016/02/05 - 10:11pm Video Data Science, Support Vector Machine
Data Science - Part VIII - Artifical Neural Network 2016/02/05 - 10:10pm Video Data Science, Artifical Neural Network
Data Science - Part VII - Cluster Analysis 2016/02/05 - 10:09pm Video Data Science, Cluster Analysis
Data Science - Part VI - Market Basket and Product Recommendation Engines 2016/02/05 - 10:08pm Video Data Science, Market Basket, Product Recommendation Engines
Data Science - Part V - Decision Trees & Random Forests 2016/02/05 - 10:06pm Video Data Science, Decision Trees, Random Forests
Data Science - Part IV - Regression Analysis and ANOVA Concepts 2016/02/05 - 10:02pm Video Data Science, Regression Analysis, ANOVA Concepts
Data Science - Part III - EDA & Model Selection 2016/02/05 - 10:00pm Video Data Science, EDA, Model Selection
Data Science - Part II - Working with R & R Studio 2016/02/05 - 9:56pm Video Data Science, R & R Studio
Data Science - Part I - Building Predictive Analytics Capabilities 2016/02/05 - 9:55pm Video Data Science, Predictive Analytics
Data Science and Statistics: Different Worlds? 2016/02/05 - 9:53pm Video Data Science, Statistics
Statistical and Causal Approaches to Machine Learning 2016/02/05 - 9:47pm Video Machine Learning
State of Artificial Intelligence in 2016 - World Economic Forum 2016/02/05 - 9:42pm Video Artificial Intelligence, 2016, World Economic Forum
The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos 2016/02/05 - 9:39pm Video Master Algorithm, Pedro Domingos
The Theory of Everything by Demis Hassabis 2016/02/05 - 9:37pm Video The Theory of Everything, Demis Hassabis
General Learning Algorithms by Demis Hassabis 2016/02/05 - 9:34pm Video General Learning Algorithms, Algorithms, Demis Hassabis
Inside DeepMind 2016/02/05 - 9:32pm Video DeepMind, Google, Intelligent Machines, Artificial Intelligence
Computer that Mastered Go 2016/02/05 - 9:29pm Video AlphaGo, Go, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Monte Carlo Tree Search
Ground-breaking AlphaGo Masters Game of Go 2016/02/05 - 9:27pm Video AlphaGo, Go, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Monte Carlo Tree Search
Maximum Flow Algorithm in GraphX (Slides) 2016/01/27 - 4:36pm Slides Spark
Deep Learning Tutorial - 2015 2016/01/26 - 12:20pm External Course Deep Learning, Tutorial
Deep Learning with H2O 2016/01/26 - 12:19pm White Paper Deep Learning, H2O
H2O Machine Learning Platform - Datasheet 2016/01/26 - 12:16pm White Paper H2O, Machine Learning, Platform
Torch7 - Matlab-like Environment for Machine Learning 2016/01/26 - 12:13pm Academic Paper Torch7, Machine Learning
Drone Traffic Management System 2016/01/22 - 9:17pm Academic Paper Drone, Traffic Management System
Graph Isomorphism in Quasipolynomial Time 2016/01/16 - 1:00pm Academic Paper Graph Isomorphism, Quasipolynomial Time
Capital Markets and Job Creation in the 21st Century 2016/01/16 - 12:57pm White Paper Capital Markets, Job Creation, Public Policy, Finance, Economics
Hiring Processes - Predicting Future Job Performance 2016/01/16 - 12:53pm Academic Paper Hiring Processes, Job Performance, Human Capital, Talent Strategy
Predictive Analytics Technology 2015 2016/01/16 - 12:51pm White Paper Predictive Analytics, Vendors, Technology
ScalaCL for GPUs - Slides 2016/01/16 - 12:44pm Slides ScalaCL, GPU, HPC, Scala
Programming Models for Exascale Systems 2016/01/16 - 12:38pm Video Programming Models, Exascale Systems
GPU Programming for Beginners 2016/01/16 - 12:37pm Video GPU Programming, GPU
Introduction to GPUs 2016/01/16 - 12:35pm Video GPU
Vulpes: Functional Approach to Deep Machine Learning on the GPU 2016/01/16 - 12:33pm Video Vulpes, Deep Machine Learning, GPU
Things You Can Do with a Recurrent Neural Network 2016/01/16 - 12:30pm Video Recurrent Neural Network
Algorithmic Music Generation with Recurrent Neural Networks 2016/01/16 - 12:27pm Video Algorithmic Music Generation, Recurrent Neural Networks