TensorFlow Tutorial - Save & Restore


Notes by Magnus Erik Hvass Pedersen: https://github.com/Hvass-Labs/TensorFlow-Tutorials/blob/master/04_Save_R...

This tutorial demonstrates how to save and restore the variables of a Neural Network. During optimization we save the variables of the neural network whenever its classification accuracy has improved on the validation-set. The optimization is aborted when there has been no improvement for 1000 iterations. We then reload the variables that performed best on the validation-set.

This strategy is called Early Stopping. It is used to avoid overfitting of the neural network. This occurs when the neural network is being trained for too long so it starts to learn the noise of the training-set, which causes the neural network to mis-classify new images.

Overfitting is not really a problem for the neural network used in this tutorial on the MNIST data-set for recognizing hand-written digits. But this tutorial demonstrates the idea of Early Stopping.

This builds on the previous tutorials, so you should have a basic understanding of TensorFlow and the add-on package Pretty Tensor. A lot of the source-code and text in this tutorial is similar to the previous tutorials and may be read quickly if you have recently read the previous tutorials.

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