No Age Discrimination in Data Science

The free 2016 O'Reilly Data Science Salary Survey has been released. This year, they applied a handy linear regression and spelled out the entire model on page 42. A couple of things jumped out at me. In terms of $1,000s of dollars:

-7.8 gender = Female
+17.2 Age: 26 to 30
+22.5 Age: 31 to 35
+24.8 Age: 36 to 65
+38.5 Age: over 65

So, first of all, the numbers suggest gender discrimination as females earn $7.8k less than male data scientists, even controlling for hours/week, skills, company size, and a host of other variables listed in the report.

But a bright spot is that the convention wisdom of wages peaking at 45-50 in the field of technology does not apply to Data Science. Indeed, over 65 earns $16.0k more than 31 to 35!