How Top 10 Industries Use Big Data Applications

Big Data has been for long out there somewhere, strolling around in the hope of being noticed. If you have ever wondered about real-world applications of Big Data, then this Infographic will help you. This Infographic provides you a brief insight on how different Industry verticals are making use of Big Data. Detailing the applications, along with relevant examples of every industry vertical, it also brings to light the key Industry-specific challenges being faced.

With every Industry, we move a step closer into understanding the world of big data from how it is being applied to solve a lot of our problems. This infographic tries to capture the essence of what Big Data means for different Industry sectors. Even though, Big Data specific challenges have been covered in detail here, it is to be noted that the biggest factor in Big Data implementation has been the funding issues encountered by the industries in these sectors.

Most industries are still evaluating whether there is value in implementation of Big Data, while some have taken the plunge already. There are different category sets of Industry groups, those who are just testing waters to serious players who are creating products which will utilize Big Data. There are of course, many who have already implemented and making use of Big Data like the ones described below.