Welcome to the Era of Big Data

Welcome to Big Data Era

Welcome to all of you to the era of Big Data. AuroraTech welcomes you. You will ask "what is Big Data?". The answer, to be digestible, should raise other questions: Do we handle data daily? How much data do we handle? This answer is most certainly yes. From the list of groceries we must buy in the supermarket, to the needs of our customers in the office, through the various messages from our friends on social media. Today we are inundated with data in our daily work. And what do we do with all the data we have at our disposal on a daily basis? Generally, very little: we store them on our computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc., or failing them, we accumulate them in piles of papers that we rarely see again or we do not remember where they are. But, besides storing them, what else do we do with this amount of data? ...

For example, what does the particle collider do near Geneva, Switzerland (1) with the 15 Peta bytes of information it produces annually (see Table 1 for a Petabyte)? Or, what makes the Walmart chain of stores (the world's largest in retail sales) with information generated by more than one million customer transactions per hour that stores at about 2.5 petabytes (2)? In fact, by the year 2020, it is predicted that there are around 40 Zetta Bytes of information in the world (3). This is a lot of information! What will we do with it?

Table 1. Bytes meaning.

Information Quantity


1 bit

one or zero

8 bits

1 byte

1024 bytes

1 Kilo byte

1024 Kilo bytes

1 Mega byte

1024 Mega bytes

1 Giga byte

1024 Giga bytes

1 Tera byte

1024 Tera bytes

1 Peta byte

1024 Peta bytes

1 Exa byte

1024 Exa bytes

1 Zetta byte

1024 Zetta bytes

1 Yotta byte

Big Data is a term coined to describe this information. Information that has basically three attributes: Quantity, Velocity and Variety (in English respectively: Volume, Velocity and Variety). The three V's have to do with the amount of information, the speed at which it is produced (mainly by machines), and the diversity of data available (sensor samples, logs, Facebook posts, etc.).

All this information, with proper use, can provide a competitive advantage to companies that are aware of the 21st century scenario. It is here that Data Analytics (or Data Analysis) enters as a set of computational techniques that make classification, organization and prediction from such data, discovering patterns, trends, possible risks or opportunities, among other things.

Data Analysis can serve small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as serving large companies: Mini supermarkets and small businessmen in the food sector can make use of information concerning the tastes of their customers, To develop their markets towards their final target customer; The hotels can make use of the information of their frequent visitors to realize marketing with offers to companies that so require; Travel agencies can make use of information from students' social networks, to make offers of vacation plans; In short there are a number of possibilities of using this information that exists today, and that will provide a competitive advantage to those who use it.

As you can imagine the panorama of this new era (Big Data) is complex, but rich in variety and possibilities. And AuroraTech is here to accompany you and help you profitably use information from your environment. Welcome!


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