CyVerse: Cyberinfrastructure for Life Sciences Research

Our mission at CyVerse is to design, deploy, and expand a national cyberinfrastructure for life sciences research, and to train scientists in its use. Funded by the National Science Foundation's Directorate for Biological Sciences, CyVerse fills a niche created by the computing epoch and a rapidly evolving world. CyVerse provides life scientists with powerful computational infrastructure to handle huge datasets and complex analyses, thus enabling data-driven discovery. Our powerful extensible platforms provide data storage, bioinformatics tools, image analyses, cloud services, APIs, and more.


Cyberinfrastructure (also known as CI or computational infrastructure) provides solutions to the challenges of large-scale computational science. Just as physical infrastructure like laboratories, DNA sequencing centers, and greenhouses make it possible to collect data, the hardware, software, and people that comprise cyberinfrastructure make it possible to store, share, and analyze data. Using cyberinfrastructure, teams of researchers can attempt to answer questions that previously were unapproachable because the computational requirements were too large, too complex, or simply unknown to some researchers.


CyVerse cyberinfrastructure includes:

  • A data storage facility
  • An interactive, web-based, analytical platform
  • Cloud infrastructure to use remote servers for computation, analysis, and storage
  • Web authentication and security services
  • Support for scaling computational algorithms to run on large, high-speed computers
  • Education and training in how to use cyberinfrastructure
  • People with expertise in all of the above

By democratizing access to supercomputing capabilities, we provide a crucial resource to enable scientists to find solutions for the future. 


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