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Data Science Moves Beyond Webmaster Phase - Year is Now 2000

Many bloggers over the past few years have observed that the Data Scientist was like the Webmaster of the 90's -- a jack of all trades upon which all the new "data science" burdens of the company were placed. The bloggers noted that companies needed to become data science-centric, making data science ubiquitous and deeply integrated within their organization rather than having it be a special or experimental bolt-on.

Multi-Tenancy Myths

Although the term has been around Hadoop circles for a few years, 2014 saw its rise to prominence. And while it's fine for an organization mature in Hadoop to adopt multi-tenancy, the technology is still too immature to fire up in an organization new to Hadoop.

Predatory Data Science

Data Science isn't the only technology that can be employed to prey on vulnerable populations, but it can take it to the next level. And more importantly, it can create predatory situations without the explicit knowledge of its operators.