Machine Learning

The ConceptARC Benchmark: Evaluating Understanding and Generalization in the ARC Domain

May, 2023


The abilities to form and abstract concepts is key to human intelligence, but such abilities remain lacking in state-of-the-art AI systems. There has been substantial research on conceptual abstraction in AI, particularly using idealized domains such as Raven's Progressive Matrices and Bongard problems, but even when AI systems succeed on such problems, the systems are rarely evaluated in depth to see if they have actually grasped the concepts they are meant to capture.

Comparing Physician and Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Responses to Patient Questions Posted to a Public Social Media Forum

April, 2023

Key Points

Question  Can an artificial intelligence chatbot assistant, provide responses to patient questions that are of comparable quality and empathy to those written by physicians?

Artificial Intelligence Adoption in Healthcare - - DSA ADS Course 2024

DSA ADS Course 2024

This DSA ADS course is part of a series of courses that demonstrate how to use applied data science with high performance compute and high quality data to optimize decision making in real world scenarios.

Discuss current private and public sector healthcare paradigms, structures and processes, and how established norms (good and bad) guide how emerging AI technology is used in practice.

Discuss successes and failures in past attempts at adopting AI in healthcare. Review specific cases and analyze potential causes.