Human Rights

Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Norms

DSA ADS Course - 2021

Artificial Intelligence, Democratic Norms, Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Data Privacy

This initiative examines emerging issues in four crucial arenas relating to the integrity and vibrancy of democratic systems:

• Challenges to free expression and the integrity of the media and information space

• Threats to intellectual inquiry 

• Contestation over the principles that govern technology

• Leverage of state-driven capital for political and often corrosive purposes

Algorithmic Systems, Opportunity, and Civil Rights - 2016 United States White House Report

CECILIA MUÑOZ - Director Domestic Policy Council

MEGAN SMITH - U.S. Chief Technology Officer; Office of Science and Technology Policy

DJ PATIL - Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy and Chief Data Scientist Office of Science and Technology Policy

May, 2016