Artificial Intelligence

DABUS AI System Granted Patent by Australian Court

August, 2021

DSA ADS Course - 2021

Artificial Intelligence, Patent Law, Patents, Intellectual Property

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Challenges basic patent black letter concept law that only humans can be inventors. They argue DABUS AI system can autonomously perform the "inventive step" required to be eligible for a patent.

Development and Assessment of an Artificial Intelligence–Based Tool for Skin Condition Diagnosis by Primary Care Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in Teledermatology Practices

April, 2021

Key Points

Question  Can artificial intelligence help primary care physicians and nurse practitioners diagnose skin conditions more accurately?

Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Norms

DSA ADS Course - 2021

Artificial Intelligence, Democratic Norms, Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Data Privacy

This initiative examines emerging issues in four crucial arenas relating to the integrity and vibrancy of democratic systems:

• Challenges to free expression and the integrity of the media and information space

• Threats to intellectual inquiry 

• Contestation over the principles that govern technology

• Leverage of state-driven capital for political and often corrosive purposes

Key challenges for delivering clinical impact with artificial intelligence

DSA ADS Course - 2021

Machine Learning, Medicine, Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) research in healthcare is accelerating rapidly, with potential applications being demonstrated across various domains of medicine. However, there are currently limited examples of such techniques being successfully deployed into clinical practice. This article explores the main challenges and limitations of AI in healthcare, and considers the steps required to translate these potentially transformative technologies from research to clinical practice.

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