Tea with Scientist Dr. Sunetra Gupta 2020/11/02 - 12:38am Video SUNETRA GUPTA, COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy
Silent History of Cause and Effect - Slides 2020/11/02 - 12:35am Slides Cause and Effect, Causality, Inference, Causal Inference, Judea Pearl, Counterfactual Inference, Structural Models
Feature Engineering Tools and Techniques for Better Classification Performance 2020/10/31 - 12:26am Academic Paper Feature Engineering, Classification, Machine Learning, Classifier, Predictive learning
Graphene Memristive Synapses for High Precision Neuromorphic Computing 2020/10/30 - 12:18am Academic Paper Graphene Memristive Synapses, Neuromorphic Computing
Introduction to Machine Learning 2020/10/25 - 6:07pm External Course Machine Learning
Introduction to Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks 2020/10/25 - 5:13pm External Course Graphical Models, Bayesian Networks
Why is the Covid19 Death Rate So Low? 2020/10/25 - 4:33pm Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy
Evidence-based Medicine has been Hijacked - Report to David Sackett 2020/10/24 - 8:16pm Academic Paper Evidence-based Medicine, David Sackett, John Ioannidis
Election Predictions as Martingales: An Arbitrage Approach 2020/10/23 - 12:15am Academic Paper Martingales, Election Predictions, Probability Theory, Bruno de Finetti, Elections
Adversarial Attacks Against Medical Deep Learning Systems 2020/10/22 - 11:53pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Adversarial Machine Learning, Healthcare, Deep Learning, Medical Deep Learning Systems
Evidence of Protective Role of Ultraviolet-B (UVB) Radiation in Reducing COVID-19 Deaths 2020/10/20 - 11:02pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Ultraviolet-B (UVB) Radiation, Sunshine, Vitamin D, UVB Radiation
The small effects of political advertising are small regardless of context, message, sender, or receiver: Evidence from 59 real-time randomized experiments 2020/10/20 - 9:06pm Academic Paper Political Advertising, Advertising, Marketing, Campaigns
LIVING WITH COVID19: BALANCING COSTS AGAINST BENEFITS 2020/10/19 - 3:34pm White Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Lockdowns, Cost Benefit Analysis, Value of Lives Saved
Introduction to Neural Networks in Python 2020/10/18 - 7:52pm Video Neural Networks, Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Data Science
Data Analysis with Python - Full Course for Beginners 2020/10/18 - 7:29pm Video Data Analysis, Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Data Science
Python for Data Science - Course for Beginners 2020/10/18 - 7:26pm Video Python, Data Science, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib
Learn Data Science Tutorial - Full Course for Beginners 2020/10/18 - 6:21pm Video Data Science, Data Science Tutorial
What is Data Science? - Andrew Gelman 2020/10/18 - 6:18pm Video Data Science, Andrew Gelman
Statistical Inference 01272020 2020/10/18 - 5:58pm Video Statistical Inference
Statistical Inference 02122020 2020/10/18 - 5:57pm Video Statistical Inference
Statistical Inference 04062020 2020/10/18 - 5:55pm Video Statistical Inference, Expectation-Maximization Algorithm, EM Algorithm
Statistical Inference 04242020 2020/10/18 - 5:53pm Video Statistical Inference, Hypothesis Testing
Statistical Inference 03252020 2020/10/18 - 5:48pm Video Statistical Inference, Joint Estimation
Statistical Inference 04032020 2020/10/18 - 3:43pm Video Statistical Inference
Statistical Inference 01312020 2020/10/18 - 3:41pm Video Statistical Inference
Bayesian Statistics 08302019 2020/10/18 - 3:39pm Video Bayesian Statistics, Bayesian Analysis, Beta-Binomial, Prior Hyperparameters
Bayesian Statistics 10162019 2020/10/18 - 3:29pm Video Bayesian Statistics
Bayesian Statistics 09062019 2020/10/18 - 2:28pm Video Bayesian Statistics, Normal Example, Variance Known; Confidence Intervals, Confidence Agreement
Bayesian Statistics 09252020 2020/10/18 - 2:25pm Video Bayesian Statistics, Posterior Predictive Examples, Posterior Predictive Distributions, Confidence Intervals, Credible Intervals
Bayesian Statistics 09282020 2020/10/18 - 2:20pm Video Bayesian Statistics, Coverage Intervals, Credible Intervals
Bayesian Statistics 10022020 2020/10/18 - 2:16pm Video Bayesian Statistics, Finish Confidence, Credibility, HPDs, Bayesian Intervals, Maximum A-Posteriori Estimates
Bayesian Statistics10122020 2020/10/18 - 2:10pm Video Bayesian Statistics, Limiting Distributions, Stationary Distributions, A-Periodicity, Irreducibility, Positive Recurrence
Bayesian Statistics10142020 2020/10/18 - 2:06pm Video Bayesian Statistics, Markov Chains, Metropolis-Hastings, M-H Algorithm, Symmetric Proposal Distributions
Bayesian or Frequentist? 2020/10/17 - 3:45pm Video Bayesian Analysis, Frequentist Analysis
Software Engineering Challenges of Deep Learning 2020/10/16 - 11:41pm Academic Paper Software Engineering, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Intelligent Tutoring System for Negotiation Skills Training 2020/10/16 - 8:37pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Intelligent Tutoring System, Negotiation Training, Individualized Feedback, Soft Skills Training, Human-Agent Negotiation, Human-Computer Interaction, Affective Computing, Psychology, Negotiation Framework
Effective Favor Exchange for Human-Agent Negotiation Challenge at IJCAI 2020 2020/10/16 - 8:29pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Human-Agent Negotiation, Human-Computer Interaction, Affective Computing, Psychology, Interactive Arbitration Guide Online, IAGO, Negotiation Framework
CLEVR: A Diagnostic Dataset for Compositional Language and Elementary Visual Reasoning 2020/10/16 - 8:23pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Visual Reasoning, Backpropagation, Reinforcement Learning, CLEVR, Compositional Language, Elementary Visual Reasoning
Inferring and Executing Programs for Visual Reasoning 2020/10/16 - 12:03pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Visual Reasoning, Backpropagation, Reinforcement Learning
Dynamic Task Allocation Method of Swarm Robots Based on Optimal Mass Transport Theory 2020/10/15 - 11:08pm White Paper Swarm Strategy, Task Allocation, Optimal Mass Transport Theory, Dynamic Task Allocation, Balanced Allocation
What is Herd Immunity? Epidemiologists Make Their Case | Part One 2020/10/15 - 8:15pm Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Herd Immunity
SARS-CoV-2 Waves in Europe: A 2-stratum SEIRS Model Solution 2020/10/13 - 9:09pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, SARS-CoV-2, 2-stratum SEIRS Model, SEIRS
Global Perspective of COVID‐19 Epidemiology for a Full‐cycle Pandemic 2020/10/11 - 5:05pm Academic Paper COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, John Ioannidis
Stephen Wolfram: Fundamental Theory of Physics, Life, and the Universe 2020/10/10 - 9:32pm Video Stephen Wolfram, Physics, Philosophy of Science, Computation, Computational Irreducibility
Stephen Wolfram: Cellular Automata, Computation, and Physics 2020/10/10 - 9:28pm Video Stephen Wolfram, Cellular Automata, Computation, Physics
How to Price an Election: A Martingale Approach- Discussion with Dhruv Madeka 2020/10/10 - 1:35pm Video Forecasting, Elections, Election Predictions, Martingales
Avoiding Ambiguity 2020/10/10 - 1:54am White Paper SUNETRA GUPTA, Models, COVID19, Mathematical Reasoning
Understanding Feature Space in Machine Learning 2020/10/06 - 12:37am Slides Feature Space, Machine Learning
Health Experts Suggest Focused Protection for COVID19 Strategy: The Great Barrington Declaration 2020/10/05 - 8:49pm Video COVID19, Public Policy, Health Policy, Focused Protection, COVID19 Strategy, SUNETRA GUPTA, Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, The Great Barrington Declaration
Rethinking the Inception Architecture for Computer Vision 2020/10/03 - 11:57pm Academic Paper Machine Learning, Convolutional Networks, Inception, Computer Vision