External Course

How medical AI devices are evaluated: limitations and recommendations from an analysis of FDA approvals

DSA ADS Course - 2021

Machine Learning, Medicine, Medical Devices, FDA, Medical Device Evaluation

April, 2021

A comprehensive overview of medical AI devices approved by the US Food and Drug Administration sheds new
light on limitations of the evaluation process that can mask vulnerabilities of devices when they are deployed on

Accuracy of Practitioner Estimates of Probability of Diagnosis Before and After Testing

DSA ADS Course - 2021

Applied Probability, Probability Theory, Medical Diagnosis, Medical Testing, Probability of Diagnosis 

Probability theory and accuracy in medical diagnosis. Estimating probability of diagnosis is critical job of front line physicians and many overestimate probabilities ordering unwarranted tests and overtreatment. 

Textbook example of failure of many physicians to accurately compute probability - JAMA study in 2021

Torsion-Free Abelian Groups are Borel Complete

June, 2021


We prove that the Borel space of torsion-free Abelian groups with domain ω is Borel complete, i.e., the isomorphism relation on this Borel space is as complicated as possible, as an isomorphism relation. This solves a long-standing open problem in descriptive set theory, which dates back to the seminal paper on Borel reducibility of Friedman and Stanley from 1989.