Understanding Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities for User-Driven Algorithm Auditing in Industry Practice

October, 2022


Recent years have seen growing interest among both researchers and practitioners in user-driven approaches to algorithm auditing, which directly engage users in detecting problematic behaviors in algorithmic systems. However, we know little about industry practitioners' current practices and challenges around user-driven auditing, nor what opportunities exist for them to better leverage such approaches in practice. To investigate, we conducted a series of interviews and iterative co-design activities with practitioners who employ user-driven auditing approaches in their work. Our findings reveal several challenges practitioners face in appropriately recruiting and incentivizing user auditors, scaffolding user audits, and deriving actionable insights from user-driven audit reports. Furthermore, practitioners shared organizational obstacles to user-driven auditing, surfacing a complex relationship between practitioners and user auditors. Based on these findings, we discuss opportunities for future HCI research to help realize the potential (and mitigate risks) of user-driven auditing in industry practice.

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